Poster Design for American Artist Pokey LaFarge at Bodega

pokey national

Project Details

Client Up With People
Date   March 2014
Skills  Graphic Design
Area   International Music, Wellington

Project Description

Poster Design for Pokey LaFarge, Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Masterton

One of our regular clients, Up With People, approached us and asked us to work with some images from Pokey LaFarge for a retro eye-catching poster design for the New Zealand tour in 2014.

This poster has been one of the most popular poster designs created by Fuzzbox. They were being taken off the wall as quickly as they were being put up.

This poster design focussed on the retro style of the Pokey LaFarge show by taking influence from a 50’s retro style poster.  We took Pokey’s image and worked a bit of magic on it in photoshop using some clever masks, filters and overlays to create the posterised image of Pokey LaFarge that is so iconic about this poster.  The colours of red and cream were coupled with some retro comic style fonts to produce a visually exciting poster design that people love to look at.  The layout is simple so that all of the information can be read from a distance and the high contrast colours help with this to grab the viewers attention.


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