A different way to build your website

Build your own website with the help of a  professional designer.

Wordpress Basics for you to manage your site.

No spending hours googling the problem, trying to find the tool you need, or worrying that you are going to break your site and lose your work.

You have full control of what goes onto your site. Your site will work well and be technically sound and secure. You are supported by a website design professional.

The assisted build concept

Over the course of 4 months, you will attend four in person / zoom workshops. The purpose of each workshop is to guide you to create a good quality, well functioning webite for your business or organisation.

During each workshop we will go through what you need for the next month.  When you return for the next workshop we will check your progress and make plans for what you need for the next one. You will be supported by your peers in a community chat. I’ll be available to answer any queries you may have. 

By the end of Workshop 4 we will be ready to do the prelaunch checks and launch your site.

Shh don’t tell anyone but maybe we’ll have a little launch party too…


Workshop Overview

Workshop 1

Building the foundations of your website

  • Formulating goals
  • Choosing a platform
  • Planning your content
  • What do you need?

Workshop 2

Gathering resources and working with design tools

  • Photos and imagery
  • Branding and design
  • Use of colour and fonts
  • Useful tools and apps

Workshop 3

Best practice site structure and content creation

  • Linking content on and offsite
  • Page layouts and design tips
  • Call to action and funnels
  • Forms and plugins

Workshop 4

Final checks and pre launch marketing hype

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Indexing your site
  • Linking to social media
  • Advertising good practice

Plus you also get...

Group Support

Each intake of learners will have access to a group where they can talk to each other and the mentor/tutor about any issues they have with the course. We’re there to support each other on the journey to a successful website launch.

Tools & Resources

Over the years, I’ve collected many different tools (some free and some paid for) that have helped me become more efficient and better at designing websites for businesses and organisations. I will be sharing these tools with my students.

nikki king mentor scaled

your guide and mentor

Kia ora, my name is Nikki and I’ve been in and around the technology sector since 1998. I’ve always had a strong interest in problem solving and helping people to achieve their goals.

Website design is now accessible to everyone and I’m passionate about empowering small business owners to do things themselves. I’ve built many sites for many different businesses throughout this time and I’ve solved lots of problems. Picking the right solution early is the key and building solid foundations for growth is important.

It’s easy to create an attractive design but it’s what lies at the heart of your site that makes it work, the tech stuff, the boring stuff and the scary stuff.

I’m here to make the process less intimidating and to support you through the journey of building your own site. I’m hoping at the end of our four workshops you can feel confident to make changes and to use your website as a valuable resource which will help you meet the needs of your business or organisation.


What does it cost?


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