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Nigel Latta poster for Wairarapa Road Safety Council.  Was in large format and small format.

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Love your Craft because we do.

An inspirational video from Brad Frost about information overload and how to love your craft in a world where access to creating things is easier than ever. A really great and inspirational video, I thought I’d share it with you.

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How I Maintain Positive Client Relationships

and produce great results for my clients too… After a roller-coaster of a year, cash flow is finally starting to even off in my fledgling business “Fuzzbox Designs Ltd”. It’s a time for reflection on what has made my first year in business successful. Having a coffee...

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Free website platforms. Are they right for me?

I need a website. Should I do it myself? You decide you need a website. You are confident to try and build that website for yourself or you engage a friend who says they will do it for free.  You then go to Google and type in "Free Website" and along come the results,...

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Exciting News! Our New Website.

This is the launch of our brand new website.  I was quite fond of the other one but necessity is the mother of invention. You will find a poster shop where we will endeavour to sell iconic posters from our graphic design section both in our own right and also on...

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