Palmerston North Brass Band Poster Design

Palmerston North Brass Band Poster Design

Project Details

Client Palmerston North Brass Band
Date   June 2014
Skills Graphic Design
Area  Music, Palmerston North, New Zealand 

Project Description

Palmerston North Brass Band required a poster to go with their new logo. They wanted more of a contemporary feel and approached Fuzzbox Designs to deliver the poster.

The inspiration was a watercolour ink splash with different textures of brushes, with brass instruments popping out of it. The poster needed to be readable from a distance and was printed mainly in two colours to allow choice of printing options, either with a domestic printer or with a print shop.

Fuzzbox were named as one of the sponsors of the event and provided a special not for profit rate for Palmerston North Brass on the artwork package.

The poster also contains the new logo design produced by Fuzzbox Designs.

Traditional fonts were coupled with the blue and white design, with a grunge overlay to make a poster with a nice texture and an eye catching design.

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